Free Hulu Accounts Benefits, Giveaway 2021

Get a Premium free Hulu accounts as a giveaway if you are a lucky user, You can use this to access all the streaming contents inside united states and also enjoy the hulu premium benefits. These hulu premium accounts are not only valuable but also very useful specially when you are alone and looking for a fun.

This is the Platform where you get hulu accounts for free since we have collected and many accounts which are completely free and ready to use to watch your favourite movie,show and masti.

Free Hulu Accounts 2021

Hulu Accounts Overview

Hulu is the no one OTT streaming platform of united states who is owned by walt disney and Comcast, It was established on October 29, 2007. Maximum share is kept by walt disney which is 67% and the rest 33% is belongs to Comcast. Due to its very good service and features it has crossed 42millions users as of 2021 which is a very short period but its only possible due to its dedication towards Free Hulu Accounts.

Hulu Premium Accounts

Due to hulu stake which is very minimal it may sold its by 2024 as per the inner news.

Why Hulu Named?

The name Hulu came from a Chinese word Mandarin, Hulu is mandarin for gourd. They think this is the premium name for premium content. The CEO also said the word hulu came from a Chinese proverb, so from that time it was pronounced as Hulu and nowadays everyone very familiar with this word.

Hulu Premium Accounts Features

Below are the several features for free hulu accounts which are comes up with the account post login to their server.

  • Pay Monthly after free trail of 1 month
  • No Cable required
  • Top 75+ Channels available to watch live
  • Download and watch offline contents
  • Ads free Strreaming
  • Multiple login watch at the same time
  • 50 Hours of Cloud DVR storage
  • Record TV online
  • Less price
  • 30 days free trails
  • Unique contents
  • Access Award Winning Hulu Originals
  • Watch From Anywhere Anytime with Laptop,TV, Mobile, Tablet
  • Super HD + 4k quality streaming

Hulu Accounts Premium Price Plan

For Hulu/Free Hulu Accounts basically there is no any hidden fees and installation charge or any rentals simply you have to pay the product price that it, These are following as follows but note that for every plan comes with the first time trail benefits of 30days , It means you don’t have to pay for 1 month from next month on wards you will be charged the below mentioned amount.

Basic Plan

Under this Base plan there are 3 different types of package/plans are there, We are now going to describe one by one.

Hulu (No Ads)

The price of the plan is $12.99 per month which will charge post trail period if you are a first time or a new user. It has several streaming service like Series, Movies, kids show, premier movies and many more without any ads in the interim.

Hulu (Most Popular Plan)

This plan will cost you $6.99 per month also post trail period over, It has also the same benefit the plan above like free TV Series, Serails, Premier movies, Kids show etc but it will comes up with ads, So while watching the TV you may see some ads/advertisement from Free Hulu Accounts to fulfill their advertisers needs.

Hulu + Live TV

This Plan will charge you $64.99 but if you are interested , Due to its exciting offer as of now they are charging it only $54.99, that means $10 off, This amount will be charged to you post 1 week since with this pack only you can watch 1 week free.

With thisplan you can get unlimited access to their ads supported library without any limitation, Why should you are waiting for, if you are really looking to buy Free Hulu Accounts then this is the good time you should go for it.

Hulu Account Basic Plan

Bundle Save Plan

With this plan you can avail multiple benefits like multiple membership with savings, This plan comes up with 3 membership benefits like Hulu + Disney Plus+ ESPN Plus, All these benefits will comes to you with a single payment. Lets go through one by one plan to claim Free Hulu Accounts.

Hulu (No Ads)(Hulu + ESPN + Disney)

  • Plan Price : $19.99 Per Month.
  • Live Sport with ESPN
  • Ads Free Streaming with Hulu
  • Ads free Streaming with Disney+

Hulu (Hulu + ESPN + Disney)

  • Plan price $13.99 Per Month.
  • Live Sport with ESPN
  • Ads Supported Streaming with Hulu
  • Ads free Streaming with Disney+

Hulu + Live TV (Hulu + ESPN + Disney)

  • Plan price $79.99 Per Month.
  • 65+ Channels With Live TV
  • Live Sport with ESPN
  • Ads Supported Streaming with Hulu Originals
  • Ads free Streaming with Disney+
Hulu Bundle Save Plans

Student Plan

Student will get discount up to 65% which has been declared by Hulu on the official page, It means if you are a student and you want to purchase the hulu premium account then you should pay only $1.99 per month to enjoy the service until you are a student, it will be verified by the hulu to continue the service only note that you must enrolled at US Title IV accredited college or university to avail Free Hulu Accounts.

Hulu Student Plan

Free Hulu Accounts Giveaway

Updated: Today at 4:00 PM (Daily Updates Check regularly)

Username: jaanili
Password: kanil099

Hulu Available Add-ons

Cant imagine here the additional add-ons are also available like HBO Max, CINEMAX,SHOWTIME,STARZ,Unlimited Screens,Enhanced Cloud DVR,Entertainment Add-on,Espanol Add-on but on prepaid, After you signedup then you can add these add-ons to your bucket and pay for it to enjoy the benefits of the Free Hulu Accounts.

Hulu Available Add Ons

Hulu Most Popular Series

As a world leader in OTT, There are lots of most popular contents are there but among them here are some of which are extremely faboulus for Free Hulu Accounts.

hulu premium accounts

Hulu Live TV Channel Support List For California

Note the the live TV is available to all the subscribers who paid for it or used our free hulu accounts but it will depends upon the area since if you are belongs to California , United States then You should only access to the Live TV of Below Channels not for all. So before placing your order please check your channel availability with your area by zipcode.

Live Local Channels

  • abc 7
  • abc local
  • KCAL 9
  • O2
  • FOX11
  • MYTV
  • CNBC4
  • KTLA 5

Hulu Entertainment & Lifestyle Channels

  • A&E
  • ABC 7
  • ABC Local
  • Adult WIN
  • Animal Planet
  • BET
  • KCAL9
  • O2
  • CMT
  • C
  • History
  • TRVL
  • TLC
  • TNT
  • TRU
  • VICE
  • DABL
  • E
  • FOOD
  • FOX11
  • FF
  • FX
  • FXX
  • FYI
  • HG TV
  • Smith Sonian
  • Start TV
  • SYFY
  • TBS
  • ID
  • MTV
  • MYTV
  • NASA
  • National Geographic
  • NG Wild
  • 4
  • POP
  • QVC
  • USA
  • VS1

Hulu Family & Kids Channels

  • B BOON
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney
  • Disney Junior
  • SD
  • Nick Jr.
  • Nickledeon
  • Universal Kids

Hulu News Channels

  • ACCN
  • BTN
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • U ESPN
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • GOLF

Hulu Other ADD -ONS

  • MTV 2
  • SCI
  • CNN
  • Familia Discovery
  • MAV TV
  • Discovery Family
  • Discovery Life
  • ‘Diy Network
  • Great American Country
  • Military History
  • ESPN Deportes
  • TVG
  • TVG 2
  • AHC
  • MTV Classic
  • FOX Deportes

How To get A Free Hulu Accounts?

  • Get a hulu account by giveaway
  • Get the account for free by using our telegram channel
  • Check this section to get it via contest
  • Check our free hulu accounts username and password
  • Get the 30 days trial from the official hulu site

52+ Free Hulu Accounts and Passwords 2021

Here are the most awaited free hulu accounts which are fresh and unused m we have collected after a long research, Please try to use them randomly so that you would get to know which one working although we have given fresh but some users are trying to change it’s password,

we request all our users once you are successfully logged in please do not change its password please for these below Free Hulu Accounts.

[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: #aVsv||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: [email protected]||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: LRl1!#DV||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: [email protected]#uPn*Uk*2||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: 2&s*sqS*Z2&@5||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: w*vF#*V#||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: av4Ox||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: in*JBDNcnbb||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: p*OzB||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)
[email protected] || Telegram Channel:@freetricksworld || Pw: 4Fmm!||(Subscription:Hulu Premium with Addons)

Note: If you want a genuine free accounts please visit hulu official site and purchase it.

Free Hulu Accounts for our users

Below are the top 10 free hulu accounts which are working like a charm and tested by me these are

Hope you like these account which are completely free for you and have some fun.

Steps To Claim Free Hulu Accounts

Here is the complete steps to claim the free hulu account on the video hope you like it.

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Can i avail student plan now as i already subscribed?
Yes, You Can but you must be enrolled to US title IV accredited college to claim the benefits.
How To get a free hulu Accounts?
Pleae see the above article we have given the trail method and also gave the free hulu accounts as part of giveaway.
How To watch hulu?
You can watch in multiple device fromanywhere like tab,tv,laptop,mobile etc.
How many screens i can watch simoultaneously?
Now you can watch 2 different screens at the same time using free hulu accounts.

Closing Words:

As per the request we received from you guys to provide the free Hulu Accounts for free, Here we made it possible due to your long support and finally we discovered the article for it. Now you need to check the hulu Accounts Giveaway section to daily free hulu accounts for free and fresh, Even you can try randomly our provided free accounts to logged it,

All the accounts are fresh and new we tried all are working fine, If you found anyone not working kindly comment below to request a fresh account and mention your email id. Hope You like the post, Thank you.

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