99 Free Rakuten VIKI Premium Subscription Accounts 2024❤️

Free Rakuten Viki Premium Subscription Accounts are those by using which you can watch online freely any korean contents using viki pass.

these rakuten viki free for all the times when you want to watch the corresponding thing you are free to watch.

Rakuten VIKI Premium Subscription Accounts

Intro to Rakuten VIKI

Rakuten VIKI is the best platform or website where you can watch any type of Korean Drama & Chinese Drama, Taiwanese drama, Japanese drama, and movies online by using your Viki pass post logged in to their website.

There are lots of genre are available in their platform specially action,adventure,anime,awards,bl,beauty,classic,comedy,sci-fi,classic,culture,fassion,food,music,political,reality etc.

Basically here you can watch crores of movies and shows around the world.

How You Do Rakuten viki login

1. Open The Official Website login page from [su_button url=”https://www.viki.com/sign-in?return_to=%2F” target=”blank” background=”#0e970e” size=”8″ icon=”icon: apple”]ClickHere[/su_button]

Rakuten viki login

2. Here enter your email and password to proceed with login.

3. If you don’t have any login credentials then kindly signup first.

How To Signup in Viki Rakuten Online

If you dont have any account with the website then you must need a account to watch it’s contents or shows , so before you login you should follow the signup process as specifid below.

  1. Open the signup of viki rekuten from here
  2. Here you can see 5 diffreent options to signup.
  3. click on using email
  4. once you clicked on email the below signup page will be displayed
viki rakuten online signup

5. Now fill the required details to logged in & verify the email.

Rakuten viki subscription benefits

Rakuten Viki subscription comprises many benefits like you can watch HD movies and shows as per your convenient time.


  1. unlimited movies and masti
  2. watch chinese movies
  3. watch japanese movies and shows
  4. watch tawainese movies
  5. watch korean movies and shows
  6. watch nonstop entertainment
  7. watch ads free contents

Streaming Partners & TV

  1. Android TV
  2. Apple TV
  3. ChromeCast
  4. Fire TV

Mobile Device Support

  1. Google Android
  2. Apple iOS

How To get Viki Pass?

To get the viki pass you need to logged in to the website then you have to click on the “Get Viki Pass” option as shown in the below image.

How To get Viki Pass

Once you clicked on the vivki pass button it will show you the available pass plan and its cost to proceed further.

Currently there are two pass plan available

  1. Viki Pass Basic
  2. Viki Pass Standard
viki pass plan

Features of Viki Pass Basic

  1. Here you can watch a limited number of shows with no ads which are in HD.
  2. The Total cost of this plan is around 0.99USD per month.
  3. HD quality shows and movies with no ADS.

Features of Viki Pass Standard

  1. Here you can watch a great selections of shows,movies,episodes with viki.
  2. You can also watch all unexpected hores.
  3. This will let you watch Standard Shows and Movies.
  4. This will allow you Viki Exclusive.
  5. Allow viki original movies and dramas globally.
  6. here also the Quality will be in HD with No ADS.
  7. This will cost you 4.99USD per month.

How To get Viki Pass For Free?

You have an option to watch and the get the viki pass for free but only for 7 days which they 7 days trial.

If you don’t have money and you just want to have an idea what you can watch then you should go for this 7 days trial plan which is completely free to get the viki pass.

If you have creditcard then only you can able to avail this plan otherwise you can check our daily viki pass subscription giveaway below.

Viki Pass Basic Premium Accounts Giveaway(New)

Rakuten VIKI Premium Subscription Accounts

SL No.Email IDPassword
1[email protected]April201995
2[email protected]redlight
3[email protected]happy0712
4[email protected]christine20@*

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Viki Pass Standard Premium Accounts (New)

SL No.Email IDPassword
1[email protected]yus@#$%^
2[email protected]moonbright
3[email protected]7gjuem@3gs
4[email protected]taeyang3
5[email protected] wanted1

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If you wat a free rauten viki premium account then you can check our page regularly so that you can have a account but note please dont change te password it may lead false.

Otherwise yu can have an option of 7 days trial where you can also watch the content for free and get a free viki pass for 7 days.

You can also get unblur free chegg answer which will let you to become success.

Final Words

If you have any suggestion you can comment below, If anyone want a free Viki pass online for free then he/she must have to comment their email id and request for the same, since regularly we are trying our best to provide a free paid account as a giveaway but within a second people are loggin in so it does not allow more except the first one so better to post your request as a comment below so that we will release the same directly to your email id.

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