Top Errors Found in College and University Essays

Top Errors Found in College and University Essays

8 Mistakes Students Make in College Essays

Nobody is perfect, and we as a whole commit a few errors now and again. They can be made in every sphere of activity, and they frequently occur in college essays. Many students write their academic papers, they have to follow certain demands for academic writing, as well as stick to common rules, such as grammatical rules, and for issues they google.

Many students cannot create essays of the highest quality all the time and sometimes use custom essay writers. Professional writers can easily handle all the issues related to your college essay, as well as the ones that occur in a lab report, research paper, case study, and other pieces of writing. When you buy professional services online, you may not worry about your success. However, you may improve your grades by using this useful article. It highlights the top-7 mistakes students make in college essays. If you know about them, you will surely avoid them.

1. Poor Grammar

The first and most common mistake made by millions of students from all around the globe is a grammatical mistake. It includes all the possible grammar mistakes. Among the most typical ones are:

  • Tenses;
  • Verb;
  • Commas;
  • Structure, etc.

To be sure you don’t make grammar mistakes, you can follow the next methods:

  • Polish your grammar daily. Make sure you improve your grammar knowledge every day. Devote a couple of hours to repeat and pass tests in at least 2-3 various rules.
  • Work with a tutor. If you feel you don’t understand certain rules, it’s better to hire a professional tutor.
  • Use learning apps. You should make use of special grammar checkers and editors. They are commonly free of charge and can be easily installed on any modern cell phone, PC, or laptop. They underline mistakes and show the corrections.

2. Low Readability

Many students do not understand that their texts are hard to read and thus comprehend. It happens due to various issues. Here are the sure signs that the readability of your essay is low:

  • Too long paragraphs;
  • Too long sentences;
  • Unknown words and terms;
  • Slang and jargon;
  • Too many explanations;
  • Watery sentences;
  • Too abrupt transitions;
  • Disclosing several theses at once.

Professional writers always have this list in front of them. Make sure you have it too! Try to shorten your paragraphs and sentences where it’s possible. Do not over-explain and do not use unknown terms or the inappropriate lexicon.

Another mistake to avoid is cramming a lot of facts into a single paragraph. You should not do that because it may overload your readers with information. Make sure you cover only one argument per paragraph. Of course, you should make smooth and logical transitions from one argument to another.

3. The Use of Cliches

It is vital to be original and creative when you write a college essay. Many students seem to forget about this recommendation. They overuse clichés and use stereotypical thinking. It makes your text non-relevant because you don’t use something new and informative.

4. Repetitions

Another typical mistake is to repeat yourself, various phrases, or the main prompt of an essay. You should cover one sub-thesis and go to another one. Do not repeat the make expressions or words a lot of times. Your readers may think that you don’t know what you are writing about. Frequent repetitions are commonly used to simply fill in the space.

5. Being Boring

Your college essays are supposed to be interesting to read. However, many students write their papers without a soul. They give a certain number of figures, events, and examples. However, they are offered in a boring way without any creativity.

6. Not Knowing Your Audience

Many students do not understand their readers. They focus on their own desires and the chosen topic. In the meanwhile, you write for others too! If you don’t put yourself into your readers’ shoes, you may not offer a helpful text for them. As a result, you will lose a lot of essential grades.

7. Not Using the Word Space

Sometimes students do not use the allowed word space to the fullest. For example, they receive a 500-word essay, but it is only 400 words long. It is a mistake that leads to a loss of grades. It shows your teachers and professors that you have no idea how to fill in the gaps in your argumentation.

8. Get Professional Aid

In case you feel you cannot write a good college essay, it may be high time to use the help of a professional custom writing service. It offers certified and skilled writers with the best academic skills. Your college essay may be tackled in any suitable way:

  • Written;
  • Edited;
  • Proofread;
  • Rewritten;
  • Outlined;
  • Researched;
  • Cited and so on.

Everything you may require will be fulfilled. Thus, a professional writer will help to detect and eliminate all kinds of mistakes. You may freely count on help with college essays, as well as other pieces of writing. You will get pro aid in any academic direction:

  • Literature;
  • Marketing;
  • Accounting;
  • Computer science;
  • Physics;
  • Math, etc.

Mind that you will not pay a lot. If you deal with a highly reputed writing service, it will surely offer quite cheap prices for a wide range of conditions it ensures. Besides, everything depends on your choice. Customize the order by filling in the next compulsory fields:

  • Quality – high school, college, or university;
  • Length – pages, characters, or words;
  • Urgency – hours, days, or weeks;
  • Type – essay, coursework, term paper, etc.

An online calculator will show the instant outcome. If the price is too much for you, make some adjustments. Change any field to check how it affects the price. Stop when the price suits your financial possibilities.

Summing Up

We hope our article will be helpful for you. At times, you may avoid mistakes if you clearly realize them. We have shown 7 typical college essay mistakes. Do not forget about them, and we are sure that you will avoid all of them. Improve your skills regularly and use useful learning tools to create captivating and mistakes-free essays. For more visit free tricks home.

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