Free Wattpad Accounts With Giveaway (100% Working)

Free Wattpad Accounts With Giveaway

Looking for Free wattpad accounts ?

Then you are landed on the current page where you will get many working free wattpad accounts and free wattpad premium accounts also.

To collect these account we did a long research within last 1 year to gathered them and finally we published for your reference.

Usually people need a wattpad accounts to read stories but the problem is that ads will comes up if it is not a premium account.

To overcome such ads issue problem you might need a premium wattpad account which will solve your ads problem.

In this well written guide you will find a list of working free wattpad accounts with a regular giveaway of premium account which you can use for your future need.

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Overview of Wattpad

Wattpad is a free website where people can read and write their own stories. It’s like a big online library and community for people who love stories.

Founders: Two guys named Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen started Wattpad back in 2006.

Big Community: Wattpad is huge! It has stories in over 50 different languages, and lots of writers from 35 different countries join a big writing contest called The Watty Awards every year.

Stories to Movies: Some of the stories on Wattpad are so good that they turned into TV shows and movies. For example, you might have heard of “After” and “The Kissing Booth.”

Wattpad Books: In 2019, Wattpad started something called Wattpad Books. It’s like a special place where authors can publish their books without all the usual struggles of getting a book published. They make it easier for writers.

So, Wattpad is a cool place online where people can share, read, and even turn their stories into something big like a movie. And they do it all in English!

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Is Wattpad Free

Yes, Wattpad is free to read and write stories.

However, there are some features that are only available to Wattpad Premium subscribers, such as:

  • Reading stories without ads
  • Access to exclusive stories
  • The ability to read ahead in stories
  • The ability to comment on stories without waiting
  • The ability to download stories for offline reading

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Free Wattpad Accounts

Free Wattpad Accounts

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Various Ways To Get Free Wattpad Accounts

To get free wattpad account there are multiple ways which are:

  • Get from wattpad by registering their portal:
  • Take your friends credential to use it.
  • Participate our giveaway program to get a new wattpad account.
  • Try our free wattpad accounts.
  • Try some surveys like surveytime to earn dollar the use to purchase.

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Difference Between Free Vs Paid Wattpad account

The main difference between free and paid Wattpad accounts is that paid accounts offer additional features, including:

Wattpad Free AccountWattpad Paid Account
Its provide limited wattpad readings.Whereas it provides unlimited reading.
It does not provide Ad-free browsing.It provides Ad-free browsing.
It does not provides Exclusive content.It provides Exclusive content.
Here bonus coin is not there.Here one attractive features is there called Bonus Coins.

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Free Wattpad Accounts With Username & Password Working

Free Wattpad Accounts With Username & Password Working

These accounts are premium account having all its features like ads free music and all, to give a try copy paste the username and password to your wattpad login screen and start using.


Wattpad Free Premium Account Giveaway

To participate on the below giveaway please fill the below form and submit. Check regularly on this page to see if your name is there!!


Email ID:
Password: please click below banner for password ↓↓

How To Create a Wattpad Account?

To Create a Wattpad Account:

  • Go to the Wattpad website or app.
  • Click on “Sign Up.”
  • Enter your email and create a password.
  • You can add your birthday and gender if you want, but it’s optional.
  • Click “Create Account.”

Once you have an account, you can dive into the world of Wattpad, reading and writing stories to your heart’s content. And remember, all of this happens in English.

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Features of Wattpad Account

Features of Wattpad Account

A Wattpad account offers several functions that let users read, write, and share stories. Here are some important things you can do with a Wattpad account:

  • Reading lists: Create and manage reading lists to organize the stories you want to read.
  • Comments: Leave comments on stories to share your thoughts and feedback with the author.
  • Direct messages: Send private messages to other Wattpadders to chat and connect.
  • Following: Follow other Wattpadders to receive notifications when they publish new chapters or stories.
  • Lists: Follow reading lists created by other Wattpadders to discover new stories to read.
  • Communities: Join communities of Wattpadders who share your interests to connect with other readers and writers.
  • Guest Mode: If you just want to read without an account, Wattpad has a “Guest Mode” on their website. But in Guest Mode, you can’t do things like comment, vote, follow authors, or save stories to your library.
  • Full Experience: To enjoy Wattpad to the fullest, creating an account is the way to go. It’s quick and free.

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Caution While Searching For Wattpad Accounts

Beware of Sellers: Some people might try to sell Wattpad accounts, but be cautious. These accounts can be sketchy, possibly stolen, and not trustworthy. It’s best not to buy them.

Wattpad Premium Plan & Price Details

For premium+ account wattpad is charging $7.49/month whereas for premium account it is $4.99/month.

Wattpad Premium Plan & Price Details


Is wattpad free to use?

Yes its free to use.

How to open a account with wattpad?

You can use google signin or manual email to signup to wattpad.

What you can do with wattpad account?

You can enjoy reading and writing of stories in wattpad.

How to remove ads on wattpad?

To remove ads on wattpad you should be a premium member.

What is the premium account cost for wattpad?

The cost of wattpad premium account is $7.49/Month.

Closing Words

Hope this article will help you to get a free wattpad account. There are several usernam & password which already we gave for your need.

Request all to please do not change the password of the above account so that everyone can have the chance to use it.

If you found any login issue there might be some who already changed the password, for that please come regularly and partipate on our giveaway to get a new one.

For fresh account please comment below with your email will provide you a free account.

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