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Battle Ground Mobile India for PC: This game which was previously known as PUBG created waves across the country and millions of children started playing this game and soon it became their favorite. 

But now the same legend has come in a revamped version in the form of BGMI or Battle Ground Mobile India, once again the people who loved it have gone for it and the numbers have again topped up charts with ease. 

The game got relaunched due to the new guidelines from the Indian government and several separate servers have been set up for the legendary game only in India. 

People have been waiting to download it on their favorite devices and pc lovers have been eagerly waiting for it too. So for them, we have bought out Battle Ground Mobile India for Pc and they can enjoy playing it. 

Battle Ground Mobile India for PC

Thanks to Krafton beta testers, they have released the great game in a rebranded way and the best part is they have released it ahead of expected time and the users have been thrilled since then. 

People who wish to download the game on their phones, head to the play store and enjoy playing it. While the ones who wish to play the game on their PC, continue reading the article, and by the end, you can do it easily. 

The Big Game Has Returned to the Big Screen

Fans of the game who love the pc version can play the game in both the windows and Mac versions too, but you need an emulator. The usage of emulator converts the PC into mobile and it is a must-have thing for Battle Ground Mobile India for PC. 

Once you have the required emulator, read the steps given below and start enjoying your game in no time!

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Installing Battle Ground Mobile India for PC

The guidelines given over here will make your work much easier and you need to keep in mind the game-changing steps for a proper download. Following the steps will be golden in the long run.

For this game, you would need an emulator for it to work out and choose the best android emulator you want as you need to see that your pc supports it too. 

  A stepwise installation is here for you –

  1. NoxPlayer – One of the most frequently used emulators, this one eases your troubles by making your pc a go-to go android emulator. 

The same PC works as an app too, so many benefits in a single emulator NoxPlayer is one of the best for sure. This emulator is also used to boot the great Android 7 Nougat, a classy emulator. 

We would also suggest you have a PC of configuration above at-least   

 2GB of for functioning at its full potential. 

  1. Bluestacks – The best android emulator is considered by many fellow players, this one does wonders with Bluestacks Windows laptops as well as the famous Macs. 

This super emulator transforms your PC to an android mobile and as an android app too by Bluestacks running the Android 7.1 Nougat.

To use the game on your pc, install it on the PC by using the famous bluestacks. 

  1. Idplayer- This emulator is popular among youth gamers as well as content creators. It helps in emulating Instagram, Whatsapp and now it comes as a savior to Battle Ground Mobile India for pc

So you can all of these given above and install the game very soon, go enjoy your game!

If you are a user of the Mac, the same emulators can be used over there too and it does wonders to your Mac. 

Step by Step Installation of the game

We have brought out a step-by-step installation process for you, go through it- 

  1. Download any of the above-given android emulators to your PC 
  2. Install the emulator to your PC / Mac
  3. Once you have finished the installation and the emulator is successfully launched
  4. Open google play on the Mac or PC
  5. If you are logging into the play store for the first time for a pc then do it through your email id. 
  6. Now search for your favorite game is Battlegrounds Mobile India in the store. 
  7. Once it comes, go for the install button and finish installing it. 
  8. The other game files would automatically download once you start the game on your pc. 
  9. The last step, now login into the game with the BGMI game ID by your Facebook or Twitter account and go for the game. 

Installing the game on a Laptop   

The game has become a favorite among tons of laptop users too and the craze is just increasing day after day. The game can also be installed through the same above given steps for a laptop. 

So install the game on your PC/Mac or a laptop and start playing it !!

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ComposerTom Salta
DesignerBrendan Greene
DeveloperPUBG Coporation
Release Date30 July 2016
EngineUnreal Engine 4

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