5 Places to Put Your Money When Inflation is High 2022

5 Places to Put Your Money When Inflation is High
5 Places to Put Your Money When Inflation is High


If you’ve been keen over the previous years, the prices for consumer goods and services are steadily increasing. With the trend worsening in recent months, it may be hard to estimate how long it will last.

This situation creates a more significant challenge for investors seeking to secure the value of their assets. To help you manage the burden of inflation, we researched various markets and engaged finance dissertation writing services to determine the best places to invest your money amidst inflation.

What is inflation

Inflation is the rise in the price of products and services within an economy over time. This reduces the purchasing power of money and reduces the value of investments over time.

Rising prices may also result in higher interest rates, drag down equities and spike the cost of living.

Places to invest your money to manage inflation


The USA created the treasury inflation protection service in 1997 to reduce the impact of inflation on bondholders. This is because inflation reduces the buying power of the fixed rates of the bonds they own.

As such, the principal and interest rates increase along with inflation helping curb adverse effects. However, TIPS are costlier than standard bonds and could result in a lower value in lower inflation.

However, TIPS is a secure investment backed by the US federal government and thus less liable to default. To diversify your portfolio with TIPS, you may opt for individual bonds, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds.

TIPS is, however, a great option as it ensures you drive a profit since the amount received will never be less than the invested principal.

Short-term bonds

These, unlike their long-term counterparts, are bonds that mature within one to four years. Short-term bonds are a great choice as they carry a lower risk than stocks.

Like the former, cashing in mature bonds brings back the principal amount and the interest accrued within the bond term. Shorter-term bonds are ideal for curbing inflation as they present a lower risk. However, lower risk also amounts to lower interest rates and returns.

The short duration implies that inflation will not spike ridiculously and thus risk huge losses. It would be best to diversify your portfolio to include high-growth assets and safer bonds.

You should note that corporate and municipal bonds may be subject to defaulting interest and principal.


Although they are more volatile than bonds, stocks may prove viable in securing your money during inflation. For this, you should select inflation-proof stocks and pick various high-growth assets.

Although inflation may reduce the value of your gains, it ensures that you gain a high ROI than your initial principal. The inflation-proof stocks include the federal realty investment trust, Stanley Black and Decker, Inc, and Aptiv PLC.

However, ensure to consult an expert to determine the best stocks with a high growth projection within your stock term. You may opt for index funds as these spread the risk across various stocks, ensuring better returns and lower risk.

Real Estate

Real estate is a safe shelter for your money during inflation as it rises with goods and services. This ensures that you drive in interest and overcome inflation’s adverse effects.

However, the massive cost of real estate may limit some people from venturing into the market. You can overcome this challenge by investing in real estate investment trusts.

Like stocks and bonds, search for high-growth assets and spread your principal across multiple stocks. This helps reduce the impact if one of the companies on your portfolio defaults.


Looking back at bitcoin, many individuals managed to roll in huge profits by holding on to cryptocurrency over long durations. However, the market is awash with cryptocurrency and loomed with fear of how various long cryptocurrencies will stick around.

This volatility thus calls for caution when investing in cryptocurrency. Over the short run, some experts believe that cryptocurrency is excellent security against inflation. Like other volatile investments, spread the risk across various currencies to avert the risk of losing all your principal.

Pros and cons of investing for inflation

The primary benefit of investing for inflation is preserving your portfolio worth. Spreading the risk also reduces the likelihood of loss if one investment collapses. Finally, investing in inflation helps maintain your income’s buying power and drives profits over time.

Unfortunately, investing during inflation may expose you to high risks and divert long-term investments’ worth.

Final Take

As an investor, there are many channels to protect your investment during high inflation. This article highlights some of the best places to put your money when inflation is high. You may also consider expert help to analyze various investments and determine the  good topics to write about for a finance thesis.

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