Why Google Sucks – Here Are Top Reasons

Why Google Sucks: Hi, Guys How You All? Today I will discuss about the Google Sucks, Actually, my intention is not to criticize google Simply i want to let you know few things that sucks google to all of us.

Now Google is, all in all, you can say or the king of the internet, we are using google for every purpose just like a daily routine.

So today i am going to tell you the top 10 things of sucking of google I actually don’t hate Google, me also using google for any answer, I will tell you few things that google sucks at.

You might not agree with me but i request you to read my complete article then ask if i am wrong on the below comment section.

Want to Know Why Google Sucks?

There are so many reasons that have a question of sucks to google which also annoying google, I am going to tell you one by one that how it sucks?

Today Google is a big search engine of the world since it giving you the best result within a fraction of seconds by simply typing your question on the Google Search box.

What is the Mean Of Google Sucks?

“Sucks” signifies the things that are bad or which aggravating you and you need to be generally excellent and userfriendly from it.

There are so many reasons which wanna make you irritate, Guys Definitely I will tell you one by one before that I should tell you to them who don’t know about google a little bit idea I will give them to proceed.

What is Google?

Nowadays Google Is a Very Big Search Engine in The World of the internet, If Somebody has a question then he would prefer to ask the question to google to get the best answer to it.

Since google was introduced in 1998 by Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Who are the students of Stanford University, California.

Before Google, we Prefer to search the question inside our books which is a very lengthy process, But today google makes this very simple, Because of Google, our Work is So Simple now.

How Google Sucks?

You may not agree with me but I believe first you should finish the complete post to judge if I am wrong.

Are You guys Ready to Know, Shall I start? Okay So Here Are Top 10 Points i am explaining thereafter I will come to its products.

1. Google Sucks is because it is tracking you completely whatever you are searching over the internet or What is your activity on the google website, Google Will keep that search record for the future suggestion which is very annoying.

2. Google Helping us all the ways no doubt, even it help the hackers to track our IP easily & all the tricks to hack somebody’s computer.

3. If you are looking for a good thing then it’s okay but also in another way it will give you bad things too.

4. If you are looking for a good thing then it’s okay but also in another way it will give you bad things too.

5. using Google You can find almost all files which are secure & not to be shared publicly, But Google has the files inside it.

6. To get a google Adsense approval you need to be present in a long queue but if its a product of google like blogger or youtube then you can get it easily.

7. Google Product which is for public benefits like Adsense & Adwords now ads, Lots of terms & conditions you must have to follow them but on the other hand, Google is breaching the TC while populating the results.

8. Google is also breaking the privacy of some countries, Recently Google privacy changes break Dutch data protection law, Google breaks privacy law in Canada in serving health-related ads, Google Analytics breaks Norwegian privacy laws, Google found guilty of breaking Russian antitrust law and Google Pays $22.5 Million For Violating Users’ Privacy.

9. Today if you are a smartphone user & you are using an android device then google has an eye with you since it can track all your activity with their own OS which is ANDROID so there is no any user privacy.

10. Although Google Openly Declare it will collect all user’s information like Device, Log, Location information, Application details, storage & cookies nobody have an issue with it.

11. Lastly, i can say you, sometimes google does not give you a result which you are looking for? except this, it will show you all the others.

Google’s Opinion About Collect Data

We collect data to produce higher services to all or any of our users – from deciding basic stuff like that language you speak, to a lot of complicated things like that ad you’ll realize most helpful,

the those that matter most to you on-line or that YouTube videos you may like. the knowledge Google collects, and the way that data is employed, depends on however you utilize our services and the way you manage your privacy controls.

We collect info regarding the apps, browsers, and devices that you simply use to access Google services, which helps the United States of America offer options like automatic product refreshes and diminishing your screen if your battery comes up short.

Whatever the stuff we collect from you that is completely secure with us & only we use this data to improve our services.

Many Reasons For Google Sucks

Although Google is saying that our information is secure with them then how & why they used our data to show publicly in many forms like google ads or search results etc.

Let me tell you each product from google how it sucks one by one, First, we will discuss its products.

Now recent update we found the google pagination sucks which you can see on the below image.

Google Pagination Sucks

Google App Name:

From very beginning, google is always trying to change its logo periodically from 1998 onwards which is not so good & creates Sucks as it has a huge emperor with lots of users.

Since it has changed its logo 5 times from the very beginning it does not suit google since it is a huge company nowadays which annoying people to sucks.

Google Logo Sucks

Many changes to google logo like color change slight ban curve, and many such things in a year which Google sucks.

Google also has a Doodle for the new logo which they frequently change in any special occasion is not fair.

Todays Logo of Google you can see here which is not constant it will change according to the occasion

Latest google logo
Latest Google Logo

Here you can check some of the google logos which they changed in time to time which sucks.

Google Sucks Logo Design
Google Sucks Logo Design

Google Logo Design:

Do you people are Know The secret behind google’s name? The logo name comes from the word “Googol” Which is used by the mathematician to call the number 1 with 100 times zeros.

So if you people can analyze this you must have a question to ask that is, Why The character “G” & “e” are not a perfect circle? Why does google suck its users for logo design?

Google Trends Sucks

As you can see in the below image How much Google Sucks & Mistake regularly users searching on the google trends itself Since it sucks that’s why the reason they are searching right?

Google sucks Trends
Google sucks Trends

This graph shows that When the google logo changed at that time people have searched for google sucks more as you can see the red line slightly stretched up in the graph.

Google Image Search

You can see here although i am searching for google image google.com should be in the first place but not like that it is taking someone’s else result as you can see in the below image thats really sucks.

Google Image search
Google Image search

First of all, I think that the google image search result will give you the best results for your needs after that just think that although i have created one image & google index it first place.

After somedays again if i searched for the same image name i found some spammers link at first place why that’s google sucks.

Sometimes also my images are there it will lead to a different URL why this sucks google create, That is google photos sucks you ca say.

Ok Google Sucks

Although my phone is locked or unlocked and someone says “OK Google” immediately it will activate the google speech AI features then if somebody tell call ‘Diya’ then it will immediately call the person & many such things why this google sucks?

Seriously this will be part of the privacy & security breach you can say If introducing any features google has to think all the possible scenarios that what will be the impact if i will enable this?

So seriously guys, if you are a iOS, uses then you are also not safe but also if you are an ANDROID user then How you can say you are safe?, Anyone Now can use your device simply activating the OK Google Which will really play a lot of Sucks to Google.

ok google Sucks
ok google Sucks

Google Search Suggestion Sucks

Today i am going to tell my own story why i think that it sucks to me , As you all know Google Now is Now Coming with windows 10 OS inbuild features.

Once i opened my laptop & connect the internet it will immediately connect to the internet to show me some stocks related information why? Although i even not searched for any stokes why i am getting such un-neccessary thing.

Although Google Claiming that we are improving our system to give you a best Result to fullfill user’s need how such sucks from google we can expect?

How Google Indexing Sucks

As per personnel experience, Now the google indexing algorithm was changed to the latest version in this algorithm google has introduced some more things to give the best results to the users.

Although Google is now considering the huge content size without considering the quality of the content that’s why the reason spammers are day by day getting more traffic as compared to the owner of the content.

If you published content before two years then this article will never be ranked to the top if you published content recently with the same content & especially if you are updating 3 times the page in a day then google will crawl your post first.

This indexing system is too bad that’s why the google sucks.

Google Search Engine

In these points, they have improved the system too much since 1998, Now it’s user-friendly & very fast you can get the search result within a fraction of seconds.

But the Sucks is that if you search long terms keywords or search query then it will give you a result in the first place that are matching some keywords, not the all.

That’s why the reason users as to go through the next page link to search for better results.

here is a faced example just have a look i searched for “How to be a rich person in the world” but google gave me the list of reach persons such a google sucks.

google sucks search engine
google sucks search engine

Due to this, you can see how many people are daily looking for google alternatives, So sad to say that although such a big company google has such sucks inside it.

google alternative
google alternative

Google Talk Sucks

As we know google talk already gave us a suck since it shutdown it & introduce a new video/voice chat system called Hangout in 2015.

Google talk has many disadvantages so they have to fix the issue and must come up with the same application but they did not do that they come up with a completely new application that is a hangout .

Which is now create suck because the user who knows about google talk they are searching for google talk but the same was replaced by google to Hangout?

To frequently google is changing its product name & shutting them down just like ORKUT & GOOGLE PLUS.

google sucks orkut shutdown
google sucks orkut

As the ORKUL was introduced by google from the very beginning and suddenly it was stopped after releasing facebook, We can’t expect such sucks from google.

Google Plus Big Sucks

Recently google declared & stopped the Google Plus product which was released by google after shutting down of ORKUT to compete for the facebook with the latest UI & option.

But Still, Google can’t do that well to retain its position in the market why this google sucks?

google plus shutdown
Google plus sucks

It’s very difficult situation if you are familiar with some software & suddenly the company would declare that it will stop, That’s not a fair attitude by google people can’t accept such things from you.

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Google Chrome Issue

Today almost all people are using google chrome but i can say there is a google sucks inside what is that?

If you wanna search for google chrome in google what you find just see the below image

chrome browser sucks
chrome browser sucks

See the above google search results although the product is from google how they are showing it as google ads section? i mean they using there own ads system to be the first place ? So stupid really which annoying google.

If you click the link on the top then the below page will open & it does not download the complete chrome file, Only it will download the download manager of google chrome.

chrome download link
chrome download link

Although Google is a big giant of the internet world they do not providing a direct download link to install chrome to your PC.

Once you install the download manager then it will again download & install the Google Chrome browser to your PC with daily updates version change which is too annoying.

Google Maps

Recently I visited to one of the best place and since i have heard about the offline Google maps so i already downloaded the app to my phone so that i can visit the place well.

But once I reached my destination what I found is sucks! even the google maps offline are not working properly although you are somewhere it will show you that, you are somewhere else.

Due to this, I have incurred several issues to reach the place which i feel awkward, Then i really feel to write an article about this.

Google Maps Sucks
Google Maps Issue

My intention not to blame or criticize google , i just want that need to be fixed and rectify by google to userfriendly experinece so that every user who are using the same service they do not complain for the same that why sucks in the unknown place where you only depends upon the google maps to move further.

Google ReCaptcha Sucks

Google has already introduced some of the best security features that I am not a robot captcha, Which is almost every website is following now.

Do you face any sucks inside it, In my personnel experience i faced lots of sucks inside like although i clicked the image its asking again for the next.

Like that many times although I have clicked the same icon it’s showing you it’s not validated, Sometimes it’s asking about the things which are not present on the picture really so annoying.

google recaptcha
Google Recaptcha

It’s too annoying suppose you are in a hurry & you are trying to do it fast at that time the thing will happen to you that time will think why this google sucks?

TEZ is Now Changed To Google Pay

If you used TEZ before this is a google wallet actually which will allow you to transact through online to pay bills & mores, This also a sucks to us that it was changed to Google Pay Write now.

Sometimes if you can’t accept such a thing from such a market leader it happened to the best of us which is not accepted.

google pay wallet
google pay wallet

Google Alternative

Since people are bores using google they are searching for google alternatives to move on as you can see in the search trends of google, Here is the report.

duckduckgo search engine
duckduckgo search engine

As you can see from the graph the search result is increased day by day for the “DuckDuckGo” search engine, And they are not taking any personal information from you that’s why the reason they getting more popular nowadays.

Why This Google Sucks-Conclude here

If you found this article helpful & found why this google sucks is true & wants to add your article if you found any sucks from google, Please comment below to publish the same.

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