Free Paytm Cash Tricks 2024(100% Working)

Free Paytm Cash Tricks
Free Paytm Cash Tricks 2024

Free Paytm Cash Tricks 2024: Paytm is now a very popular digital wallet for every Indian for their daily scan and online payment and also now a best earning app too. As each website or app now accepts payment through Paytm due to its prominent features so every people now looking for something where and how they can earn free Paytm cash by using some tricks and also there are some best apps to earn free Paytm cash for free.

Post New Prime minister in 2015 Some amazing decision has been taken by the govt of India to make the success of Digital India, So to make India digital, PayTM wallet was introduced from the private sector to serve the people digitally for their daily transaction,

Since this is the time of demonetization everyone was tried for Paytm to transfer, send, receive money from that time onwards PayTM establish an image for their user, Now PayTM is One of the Best App which users are using in their daily life without taking cash in hand they are using Paytm QR code to send/receive cash. So it’s a big change to the Indian economy revolution.

Since demonetization everybody was pursued Paytm to move, send, get money from that time onwards PayTM set up a picture for their client, Now PayTM is One of the Best App which clients are utilizing in their day to day existence without taking money close by they are utilizing Paytm QR code to send/get cash. So it’s a major change to the Indian economy transformation.

Presently the inquiry is over we have discovered some best Free Paytm Cash Tricks to make some real cash to your Paytm wallet for free of charge.

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App NameDaily Earning UptoReferral Cash
GetMegaUnlimitedRs. 100% Cashback
Panel StationRs. 2000.00Rs. 300.00
Streetbees Rs. 500.00Rs. 25.00
CitizenmeRs. 500.00Rs. 50.00
Ludo ChampRs. 800.00Rs. 10.00
Ludo SupremeRs. 5000.00Rs. 10.00
CrownitRs. 1500.00Rs. 100.00


What is Free Paytm Cash Tricks?

🔊 Tricks that usually we follow to earn some paytm cash from any source is called free paytm cash tricks, These tricks might be includes downloading apps, playing games, completing certain tasks, referring friends, doing survey and many more.

7 Free Paytm Cash Tricks 2023

After a long wait finally, We found some Genuine Free Paytm Cash Tricks, That makes your face smile. Step by step process that how to earn free Paytm cash using our app tricks from these listed apps has been stated below for your reference.

1. Free Paytm Cash FromGetMega

Megashots Internet Pvt Ltd owns and operates GetMega, an online Real Money Gaming platform. GetMega features the best UI/UX and 100% genuine gamers with no bots or fraud. GetMega provides a 100% payback on your First Deposit when you use the coupon code LIST2ELQ, as well as a variety of other deposit bonuses.

GetMega offers customers the chance to earn up to Rs 10 00,000 per month by running leaderboards 24 hours a day, seven days a week. GetMega has a one-minute withdrawal function and accepts all payment methods, including bank transfers, PayTM, and UPIs (Google Pay, PhonePe, etc.) GetMega provides Real rummy games with minimum buy-ins ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 2,400, and you may select the optimal buy-in based on your abilities.

GetMega’s live chat help has a response time of less than 15 minutes. GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and has Random Number Generator Certification from iTech Technologies in Australia, making it one of India’s most trustworthy and secure platforms.

GetMega is India’s first RMG platform that provides video chat while playing Rummy. With the thrill of real money gambling, you may play with friends and family in a safe setting. Apart from Rummy, GetMega Rummy offers 12+ games in three categories: Cards (Poker & Rummy), Casual (Carrom, Pool, etc.), and Trivia (GK, 123, etc.)

How To Signup & install GetMega?

Play Rummy on GetMega and Get 100% Cashback on 1st Deposit

Coupon Code:  LIST2ELQ


  1. Play the Games & win cash
  2. Hourly, Daily, & Weekly Leaderboards
  3. Free Entry Leaderboards
  4. AIGF & RNG Certified
  5. Live Chat Support
  6. 1 Minute Withdrawal
  7. VideoChat Feature
  8. Buy in as low as Rs 1
  9. Minimum Deposit Starts from Rs 10

Unique Features:

  1. Play Rummy with your Friends & Family over the Videochat feature
Free Paytm Cash Tricks 2023


App NameGetMega
App Rating4.7+ Star


2. Free Paytm Cash From – Panel Station

Have you heard about Panel station? If yes then it’s okay if no kindly follow our article. Basically, this is an Online Survey Website that completely depends upon the survey system in India. They are hiring agents for making their survey more interesting by giving free Paytm cash to them, This app will give you Rs 300 per month Paytm cash at least a minimum. From the beginning, we have already discussed this thing on our website How to Earn Free Paytm Cash From Panel Station.

Free Paytm Cash Tricks 2023

How To Register in Panel Station?

Note that this the main part of panel station to receive survey to earn free paytm cash, Kindly do not make mistake while signup, Follow step by step process for the signup so that you will get more surveys from their server.  

  • (1). You have to visit the official website of The Panel Station: here 
    • For iOS download the App Here:  Click Here        
    • For Android Download the App From Here:Click here  
  • (2). Note that you have to use the gender as female to signup.  
  • (3). Dont give any fake information kindly use your sister or mother details for the genuine signup.
  • (4). Do not choose any high value city like Bangalore,Chennai,Delhi etc use low value city like (Ajmer,Agra,Chennai,Kolkata,Delhi,Mumbai)  
  • (5). If you are asking for City Code kindly google to get it.  
  • (6). Note you sould more than 18 years to use the survey system in their panel so choose accordingly.  
  • (7). Now once you filled and check all the details complete the signup process.  
  • (8). Make sure you have verified your email by clinking on the link you have received from panel station.  
  • (9). After you did all these steps now you will receive the username and password from them by an email.  
  • (10). Login to your profile then complete your profile to receive some points.  
  • (11). After that you will receive some small survey for 200 points need to complete them.  
  • (12). Daily you will receive some surveys from panel station you have to complete the survey to receive the points, Once you have 3000 points you can withdraw it to paytm cash.  
Free Paytm Cash Tricks


Note: 3000 points is equal to 300 paytm cash ,And what surveys you are going to fill all the data should not very your profile information which you have filled at the time of signup , this is the most important information to fill the surveys of panel station else you will see a message that you are not eligible for this offer, So please dont do this mistake if you wants to complete the survey.  


What Are the Panel Station Survey Rewards?

  • You Can Get Free Paytm Cash
  • You Can Get Free Flipkart Vouchers
  • You Can Get Free Amazon Voucher
  • Lazada Voucher
  • Paypal Payment
  • Jumia Voucher
Free Paytm Cash Tricks

These are the global incentive partner of panel station to provide rewward.


App NameThe Panel Station
App Rating4.8 Star


3. Free Paytm Cash Trick – Streetbees App

Using this app trick you can earn free paytm cash, This app is also based on a survey system & you will receive at least 4 surveys in every week to earn free Paytm cash from this app. The most advantage of this street bees survey is that it will take hardly 3 minutes to complete the survey & for each survey, you will earn Rs.25.    

How To Register in Streetbees App?

  1. First of all you need to download the app from here: Clickhere
  2. You need to register using your mobile number.  
  3. Complete the mobile verification by entering the OTP comes to your number.  
  4. Now Give Referral Code for extra benefits: 79757E
  5. Since you can also receive the payment to your paypal account you need to give your registered paypal email in the profile section to complete the profile.  
  6. Now on the App home page you will see the survey offers  
  7. Once you complete the survey you will be rewarded for Rs 25 for each survey.
Free Paytm Cash Tricks
free recharge tricks paytm offer streetbees offer

What Are the Panel Station Survey Rewards?

  • You Can Get Free Paytm cash Vouchers
  • You Can Get Free paypal transfer
  • You Can Get Amount to Your Bank account.


App NameStreetBees
App Rating4.2 Star


4. Free Paytm Cash Trick – Citizenme App

This is one of the best app to complete the survey within 10 seconds & you can earn in between 10-50 rupees paytm cash, You can also transfer this cash to your bank account as well as Paytm/PayPal since this app is a survey too and take less time to complete i suggest this to everyone to earn money from this.

free paytm cash tricks by citizenme
free paytm cash offer citizenme offer

How To Register in Citizenme App?  

  1. first of all you need to download the app from here
  2. Once its downloaded kindly create an account by giving your details.  
  3. Everyday kindly checks thrice to check for the paid survey.  
  4. Once you get the paid survey from it complete it by filling the survey.  
  5. Now congratulation. You will get 10-50 free paytm cash from this trick.  


App NameCitizenMe
App Rating4.4 Star


5. Free Paytm Cash Loot – Ludo Champ 2022 App

Now Ludo champ 2022 app is the app that gives to free paytm cash instantly to your paytm account by simply playing this app, No doubt you will get Rs 10 signup bonus which can also be transferred to your paytm instantly.  

Free Paytm Cash Tricks
free paytm cash by ludo champ

How To Register in Ludo Champ App?

  1. first of all you need to download the app from google play store.  
  2. Now you have to create an account by giving your facebook credentials.  
  3. Enter your referral code here to get extra credits:  
  4. Now you will see you have earned 10 rupees instantly.  
  5. If you want to earn more kindly play the LUDO game to earn free paytm cash for free.    


App NameLudo Champ
App Rating4.0 Star


6. Free Paytm Cash Ludo Supreme

ludo supreme is the best Indian ludo game app where you can play online with multiple players by investing a small amount and if you won you will be doubled means will get double profit as Paytm cash.

This is a unique game platform based on Paytm cash as an entry fee to join any game without any fee or charges. This app has been verified by us found it is a genuine and trusted app to play you can join and play their game and win free Paytm cash which is given instantly yo your wallet.

As this app has now become the no one ludo app inside the android market, At the time of launch it was giving free paytm cash of 100 and have looted a lot, Now its giving less like Rs 10 or Rs 50 for the first time user to move forward.

Free Paytm Cash Tricks

It has multiple games like Play with friends and play online which are the current variety to be part of the game, And there are multiple tournaments are lives going on each game is starting within 15 minutes and the game timing is 10 minutes for the winner declaration.

How To Register On Ludo Supreme?

  • To download the App you need to clik on the button DOWNLOAD
  • Get Rs 10 on signup using the referal link
  • You can also use the Referal Code to get Free 10rupees: BL1KYXL
  • Open app and give your mobile number for signup or use google account.
Free Paytm Cash Tricks
  • Now you will be redirected to the game tournament section
  • where each game price and prize money mentioned
  • each game comes with a time interval of 10minutes
  • After 10 minutes the user who is having maximum points will own the prize.
Free Paytm Cash Tricks
  • Once you won any tournament the winning amount will automatically credited to your wallet
  • Now you need withdraw your amount
  • give your paytm mobile no to withdraw or you use upi id or bank details
  • once you give paytm no it will instantly withdraw really too fast
  • same for upi id also
Free Paytm Cash Tricks
  • Note minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 60 after first transfer
  • Maximum transfer limit is 25000.
  • Which you can see on the above withdrawal screenshot


  • 24/7 Tournaments are going on
  • Play with your own friends
  • Millions Of Players online
  • 10 Minutes Tournament time
  • Refer and earn
  • Fast Payment With Paytm cash
Free Paytm Cash Tricks


App NameLudo Supreme
App Rating4.9 Star

7. Free Paytm Cash By – Crownit

Crownit is a very good online market research platform inside India which is giving some short surveys where you can give your thoughts and genuine feedback to earn free Paytm cash which is completely free and will come to your Paytm wallet within 3-4 business days.

Many companies whether its product or service based they assign this GoldVIP Technology to collect feedback from its end users to stop or start a new service even also they are taking feedback to continue one product about the quality and issues.

Each survey you will get from crownit either Rs 100, 200, 300 or sometimes it is 350 max but not more than that. At the start of the survey, it will ask you some of your basic details like age,city, income, place, date of birth that and thereafter it will continue with its original survey product feedback. But for sure Rs 100 rupees, you will get as a referral bonus if you start through the referral link.

Free Paytm Cash Tricks

How To Signup Using Crownit?

  • First of all you need to download the app below are the links
  • To signup please click on the link here
  • once you signed up it will ask few basic thing
  • so that it will display the respective survey as per your interest


  • Genuine Survey Provider
  • Authentic Data
  • Fast Payment
  • High Accuracy
  • Realtime Data
  • Short Survey
  • Survey frequency faster
  • Free Paytm Cash

Crownit Reward Proof(Paytm Cash)

You can see the Paytm cash proof received by the gold VIP crown company, refer to the below snapshot. See the survey was completed on 7th of December 2021 and the reward credited on 9th December 2021. So you can trust the app as it’s giving real cash to Paytm wallet

Free Paytm Cash Tricks  by freetricksworld


App NameCrownit
App Rating4.95 Star

Requisite To Earn Free Paytm Cash

  1. Only you need a mobile phone, Android Mobile is the best option.  
  2. You need a good internet connection.  
  3. You have to give 2-3 hours daily for this trick from sitting at home.  
  4. You have to download some apps from play store to move on.  
  5. are done.  
  6. You are eligible to Make 15000 Paytm Cash per month using this App trick.    

Free Paytm Cash Tricks App review:

Folks, we feel that we have given you the best Paytm cash trick to plunder the Paytm cash to your wallet, Don’t hang tight for it, At any time the deal may lapse generously guarantee it quickly this the stunt offer everybody, anybody can guarantee the proposal by following the above technique. In the event that you folks resemble this benevolently share the post through any mode of the social channel to reach the greatest folks and assuming you have any issues compassionately drop a message on the remark area.

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How to earn free paytm cash for free? 

Ans: By Using getMega, panel station, Ludo Supreme, Ludo Champ, Crownit lite you can earn free paytm cash for free.

How to make money these days?

Ans: You can earn some free money by doing some surveys and playing some amazing game.

Free Paytm Cash app without investment?

Ans: Panel station, crownit is the best app for you which does not required any investment to start.

Free paytm cash by playing online game?

Ans: GetMega, Ludo supreme, Ludo Champ are the best games app where you will earn free paytm cash by simply playing the game online.

Free Paytm Cash Without Downloading Apps?

Ans: You can get free paytm cash from crownit without downloading the game app by simply using it inside the mobile browser.

Free paytm cash instant withdrawal?

Ans: For instant withdrawal you can consider ludo supreme. getmega, ludo champ etc for free paytm cash.

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