Create Free Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Looking for Gmail Account Without Phone Number, here is How?

Gmail is the most popular client now a days as it is the market leader of email service provider.

Gmail uses google’ server to send and receive emails.

Since google is the no 1 brand and search engine in the world.

Google is a well known brand because of its superfast server speed and 0 downtime, As gmail is a product from google so there is a positive vive that gmail does not have downtime.

In this article you will find the safe and secured way to create a free gmail account without phone number.

Is it possible to create gmail without number

Yes, Its possible to create a gmail account without a phone number/mobile number.

This is possible if you are creating the account for first time , If google detects that you are creating multiple accounts or fake accounts using the same connection then it might ask you for the phone number.

For business account it will not allow you to skip the phone number why because its mandatory and required to recover your gmail account.

How to Create Free Gmail Account Without Phone Number


  • Open any laptop where you have not created any gmail account before.
  • Use a newly sim card to connect to the internet.
  • Install and open a new browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  • Now open the gmail account page
  • Click on Create an account.
  • Now on the signup screen fill the required details like first name, surname, dob, gender, custom email etc.
  • Then atlast it will ask you to add phone number to secure your account with a skip button at last.
  • Click on the skip button so that you can bypass the number addition or choose email instead.
  • Now click next and you are done with the gmail account without a phone number.


  • Open
  • Don’t click on create account link.
  • Click on login link.
  • Then click on create a account link present below the login form.
  • Then fill your name,age,username & dob.
  • When it will ask for mobile number.
  • Simply skip it which option is there below.
  • Then verify your recovery email and you are done.
Create Free Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Free Gmail Account Without Phone Number

[email protected]Sibi##21
[email protected]Satam09nn
[email protected]Sdgas@@1
[email protected]Hasmin451@

In the above table we gives few Free Gmail Account Without Phone Number which you can use to login and it will not prompt you for any phone number.

All the above accounts credentials are well checked before publish.

Dont change any of the account password of any accounts otherwise it leads to invalid for other users.

We will update these accounts in due time to keep you updated.

Any query or suggestion or if you feel you need a Free Gmail Account Without Phone Number then comment below will give you a fresh one.

Benefits of Having a Google Account

  • Comprehensive access to Google services, including Gmail, Google Drive, Maps, and YouTube.
  • Create a customized email address.
  • Utilize Google’s products and services offline for uninterrupted work.
  • Effortlessly synchronize your data across all your devices.
  • Access prompt and reliable customer support from Google.

I hope this rundown of benefits helps you understand just how awesome a free Google account can be! If you’ve got any other questions, just give me a shout. I’m here to help!

Full Video Guide to Create a Google Account Without phone Number


Is is possible to create a google account without a number?

Yes, Its possible while creating the gmail account you need to click on skip button when it will ask you to add number otherwise you can use email instead.

Is it safe to use gmail free account without number?

Its its fully safe & secure.

Why we need a gmail account without a number?

Gmail account is needed without a number why because it may asked otp during login or may you are not having your phone with you, so for that time its difficult to login to the email.

Which is better to login direct email from google or gmail app?

Best option to login is directly from google , It has much more options than others.

Is gmail is completely free?

No, gmail is free but partially upto 15GB its free and for more space you need to pay certain amount.

Is it a good practice to open a email account with google?

Yes it is a very good practice to open your one email account with google why because it has very fast server speed without any downtime.

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