COD Warzone Train Trouble: Glitch or Bad Luck?

Ever unloaded a whole clip at someone in Warzone, only to see them shrug it off and return fire, leaving you a confused pile of loot?

A recent experience on the new Urzikstan map highlights this frustrating quirk, sparking debate among players.

In this guide you will know the issue behind train in Call Of Duty Warzone what are the glitch why its annoying.

COD Warzone Train Trouble: Glitch or Bad Luck?

Big Numbers, Bigger Frustrations:

Warzone boasts over 100 million players, yet “Mostly Negative” Steam reviews and a 2.6 Metacritic user score tell a different story. Issues like missing footstep audio and console aim-assist discrepancies have dampened the fun for many.

Enter Urzikstan:

The new Urzikstan map, smaller and denser than Al Mazrah, throws players into intense battles, often aboard the iconic train.

Reddit user TJPTJPTJP found themselves in one such scenario, creeping up on an enemy and unloading a dozen rounds… only to get wiped out in return.

COD Warzone Train Trouble: Glitch or Bad Luck? always dead

Glitch or Lag? The Jury’s Out:

The clip went viral, with viewers cracking jokes about aim and offering hilarious shot-by-shot commentary. Others reported similar train troubles, including getting rammed by the locomotive. The cause, however, remains a mystery. Was it a glitch, high ping, or plain bad luck?

Hope on the Horizon:

Despite the occasional hiccup, Raven Software keeps Warzone churning with regular updates, including the upcoming “Merry CODmas” event. So, while frustrating moments may crop up, the future of Warzone remains exciting.

Check The Video On Reddit

In the above video you can see the glitch inside the game while on the train which you can face while playing the Call Of Duty Warzone, Since the enemy is quite closer its difficult to kill within a very stipulated time.

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