LEGO Fortnite: Full Villagers Guide 2024(Tips & Tricks)

LEGO Fortnite offers more than just building and battling.

Its charming villages brimming with quirky NPCs add a whole new layer of gameplay, introducing friendly faces and rewarding quests.

But navigating this social hub can be daunting for newcomers.

Worry not, adventurous builders! This guide will equip you with everything you need to become a master villager wrangler and unlock the full potential of your vibrant settlement.

LEGO Fortnite: Full Villagers Guide 2024(Tips & Tricks)

Building Your Dream Village:

Before befriending villagers, you need a place to call home. Your journey begins with constructing a Village Square.

Ten wood and ten granite are all it takes to lay the foundation for your social haven.

Don’t forget to personalize it with a unique symbol and color! Your Village Square unlocks crucial features like villager recruitment, level upgrades, and access to resources.

Befriending Villagers:

With your Village Square established, prepare to welcome some lively company.

As you explore the map, keep an eye out for NPCs. Speak to them, and they might express interest in staying the night.

If you have a spare bed, invite them to move in! But remember, they’re picky creatures. Some might require specific amenities or a high village level before settling down.

Accommodating your Guests:

Each villager comes with their own personality and quirks.

They prefer specific types of houses, so build diverse structures to attract a wider range of residents.

Cuddle Team Leader, for instance, appreciates plush furnishings, while Meowscles enjoys plenty of cat-themed decorations.

Be sure to assign beds to your newly settled villagers so they can rest after a hard day’s work.

Unlocking Perks with Village Levels:

Your village isn’t just a collection of houses, it’s a living, thriving community.

As your village level increases, you unlock new benefits and activities. Foragers can refine wood and stone, cooks whip up delicious meals, and builders contribute unique materials.

Each villager’s skills enhance the village, so diversify your population for maximum benefit.

Quests and Rewards:

Villagers aren’t just charming companions; they offer engaging quests. Talk to them to discover their needs and aspirations.

Help Cuddle Team Leader find lost teddy bears or gather resources for Peely’s banana smoothie stand.

Completing quests not only strengthens your bond with your villagers but also rewards you with valuable items and blueprints.

Managing your Village:

As your village expands, organization becomes key. You can relocate villagers to new beds, upgrade their houses, and even reassign their jobs to suit your needs.

Remember, happy villagers are productive villagers! Keep them content with regular interactions and fulfilling their requests.

Beyond the Walls:

Your village isn’t an isolated bubble. Villagers can participate in activities outside the settlement.

They can join you on adventures, assist in combat, and even gather resources from nearby locations.

Be mindful of their skills and preferences when selecting your companions for various expeditions.

A Thriving Community:

LEGO Fortnite’s villagers are more than just side characters, they’re an integral part of the experience.

Building relationships, fulfilling quests, and watching your village flourish offer a unique and rewarding layer of gameplay.

So, grab your tools, build your dream settlement, and welcome the charming inhabitants of LEGO Fortnite into your world!

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