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Best Survey Site In India, THE PANEL STATION is the best online survey site in India. It is a free earning money app or it is called as a community app that gives free Paytm cash after completion of the short survey.

It helps to create a better carrier and experience. It is the best site to earn money in lockdown. you will give your valuable time and effort to complete your survey you will get real cash through the Paytm vouchers, Amazon vouchers, Flipkart vouchers and amazing prizes.

Best Survey Site The Panel Station

How To Get Panel Station Date Of Birth(DOB)?

It’s very easy to get the panel station date of birth, click on the survey then check the captcha there itself it will show, if still you are unable to get the panel station dob you can join our telegram group for the same ask your DOB there we will give it to you.


First of all, you go to the play store and download THE PANEL STATION app from the play store or app store. Then register now it is totally free no need to pay for this. Fill up all your biodata which is provided by the app. Just like Emai- id, First name, Last name, Date of birth, Mobile number, City, Do you own a car? Here is one thing i want to tell you while you register THE PANEL STATION this time you should give your GENDER – FEMALE. So that you will give 99.9% of chance to get survey since it is called the best survey site in India. Then verify and after successfully verifying you should have to read all the terms and conditions of THE PANEL STATION.

Panel Station Signup

To get the 500 points for free you need to enter the below referral code


Whenever you verify your mobile no at the same time you have to put the referral code to get 500 bonus for free please refer the screenshot below.

TPS Referral Code Signup & Get 500 points free

Next part you login your account give Emai- id, Password and clear the google captcha then sign in. This is the final part of your login.


Here you get some section home page, reward section, blog, badges, redeem, redemption history. Now let us discuss about this section.

Try This: Want to Fill Some more Survey Earn Paytm Voucher


You will earn points by completing the survey from the best survey site. First of all, you go to the home page and start to complete all the profile surveys. By completing all the profile surveys you will get 1050 points. After one day you will get a survey. When your profile eligible for the survey you will get a notification by the register Emai- id. Then after you can start the survey and earn unlimited rewards like amazon vouchers, Flipkart vouchers, and Paytm cash which is a happy moment for you.


You will get business-related surveys, food beverages, skin products, hair products, face products, baby care products, education surveys, social networking surveys, home care products, tv serial programme, membership programs, some profile surveys, grocery shopping, fashion shopping and much more exciting survey which is used in your daily day to day life. I think you all will enjoy it once you join this PANEL STATION APP?


When you are eligible for a survey you will get a notification through your register EMAIL-ID. One important notice I want to tell you is that while you taking the survey please don’t give the wrong answer while filling up your biodata such as email id, gender, age, city. Otherwise, you will be disqualified. After completing the survey you will get your rewards through the POINTS. When your reward points go to 3000 you will withdraw and get your cash.


It is an exciting moment for you where you can get the extra rewards without completing any survey. Four types of badges are there.

SENSEI BADGE- If you will spend at least one month in the panel station and completed all the profilers with at least 2 to 6 surveys you will get 150 extra points. If you are giving your big effort you also get monthly retention of 150 extra points.

MASTER BADGE- If you will spend at least two months in the panel station and completed all the profiler with at least 7 to 12 survey you will get 300 extra reward points.

GRANDMASTER BADGE- You will be assigned a grandmaster badge if you spent at least six months in the panel station and complete all the profilers with at least 13 to 20 surveys you will get 450 extra points.

LEGEND BADGE- You will be assigned a legend badge if you spent at least twelve months means one year in the panel station and completed all the profilers with at least 21 surveys you will get 650 extra reward points.


If you want to refer your friends, colleagues you also get extra bonus reward points. you just share your link in WhatsApp, Facebook or message. your friend should be click on this referral link and enter your referral code and successfully completed one survey you will get extra 500 bonus points and your friend also get extra 500 bonus points.


When you get 3000 points you will be eligible for redemption. Simply go to the redeem section and select general rewards then you have to select your preferable vouchers either Amazon, Flipkart, OR Paytm then select the points how many points you want to redeem suppose 3000, 5000, or 8000 you will get your incentive rewards.

  1. 3000 POINTS- Rs 400
  2. 5000 POINTS- Rs 700
  3. 8000 POINTS- Rs 1000

You will get your reward cash for up to 6 to 8 weeks. If in this period you will not get your cash While you taking the survey you can send MAIL to the concern departments of the panel station. For this purpose, you have to go to the panel station’s best survey site help desk site and send your query. you will find some bugs sometimes. What are the bugs?

Note: While Redemption ID means Paytm Mobile No to receive the payment


1. While you taking the survey sometimes you will find sorry, you are in hurry, please take your time to carefully answer.

Ans– It means your profile does not fit their survey due to the same IP address.

2. While you taking the survey sometimes you will find the quota full, we received the required number of participants reached.

Ans– It means that maximum participants reached some targeted people complete this survey very quickly. in this situation nothing you will do. Try to give the answer very quickly when once you get a survey.

3. While you click the survey sometimes you will find you have already taken this survey.

Ans– It means that you should have cleared your browser history and again click to start the survey.

4. While you click the survey sometimes you will find you have already taken this survey and receive your valuable points.

Ans– In this situation, you should have to wait 15 minutes and again click to start the survey this time your efficiency will work.

5. While you taking the survey sometimes you will find TOUGH; LUCK, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.

Ans– In this situation will happen when you give the wrong answer while taking the survey profile does not meet their criteria. So you should read the questions carefully then give your feedback.

6. While you taking the survey sometimes you will find in the midsection Fatal error.

Ans– It means that due to some technical issues you got this type of pop-up. This is the bad luck for you. sorry.

7. While you taking the survey sometimes you will find in the midsection session time out.

Ans– It means that this survey is completed by the maximum number of people. So you should try to complete it as soon as possible.

8. Why i am not getting any surveys in The panel Station?

Ans: Most probably you have not filled up your profile section of the panel station account, Kindly visit your profile section then filled all your personal details so that the survey will be triggered to your email if your profile matches the survey requirements.
Note: If you already filled up your profile and still not getting the survey then your account may blocked-Refer Qn 10.

9. Why My Account Got Blocked in Panel Station?

Ans: If their system has identified you as taking surveys in an inappropriate manner, which is against the market research policies which adhere to.

It could be due to any one of the following reasons:

  1. You have been identified as having multiple accounts with The Panel Station
  2. Responding to surveys without paying attention to the questions and providing incorrect or inaccurate information
  3. As a speedster, rushing through questions without reading them
  4. Failing to respond correctly to some of the quality check questions that are often embedded in our surveys

10. How do i know my panel station account was blocked?

Ans: I want to know whether your Panel Station Account was blocked or not then you have to log in to your account then check for the no of completed surveys there If you found 0 completed surveys although you completed more than once then no doubt your account was already blocked.

Panel Station 0 Completed Survey


If you buy SWEEPSTAKES you will get exciting prizes. You can buy sweepstakes spend your 500 points and chance to win a ticket id. To use this ticket id you will win exciting prizes and earn up to 10,000 cash. It is a big deal for you. If you want you will join the panel station.

Now, sweep takes is super six.


Here every month you get a prize if you buy tickets to enter the draw. This is your chance to win. So that you should have to buy tickets from sweepstakes from the best survey site like panel station. Only six runners will get the prizes. The first runner gets 10,000 amazon vouchers and five other runners get 5000 amazon vouchers each.

  • JACKPOT- Rs.10,000
  • FIVE RUNNERS- Rs. 5000 Each
Panel Station Supersix

Panel Station Paytm Payment Proof

Here what we have received the payment from the panel station to our Paytm wallet as the redemption of points as a reward, You can check the status of the screenshot below, No doubt you will get the payment as a Paytm voucher or whatever you select as before with a little delay.

Panel Station Payment Proof- Best Survey Site

Here we have redeemed 3000 points two times we got 800 Paytm cash to see the below Screenshot which we received the latest payment on the 11th of august which makes sure that the website is genuine and the best survey site in India currently.

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