Ysense Survey Review – How To Earn Money From it

Nowadays most of the people are looking for online jobs & google the same term to get a best genuine website to earn money from home, After that, they are landing on the most popular GPT(Get Paid To Site) to proceed further.Here we will describe ysense survey review what we fill

ySense Survey review

No doubt you can find lakhs of results in your google search results that are claiming they will pay you once you complete their surveys but I can’t guarantee that you will be paid by them once you complete their surveys.

As I know till know as per my research there are few genuine websites who are paying really & genuinely without being cheated one of them is ClixSense which Now changed to ySense.

ClixSense Survey Review: What Exactly?

ClixSense is a GPT site that will pay you once you complete their surveys as all the GPT sites did, You can earn money using this especially for those who don’t have a job and want to work from home.

Simply if you have to spend 1-2 hours daily & complete their survey then you can earn money in dollars, In my beginning, I also thought that the site may not be genuine but after I received small payouts now then believe that this a trusted site.

Why ClixSense or ySense?

Today the main problem for the country is to get a job since the population is high & the minimum number of vacancies is there Since there is a huge competition so the best one will get the job that’s why clixSense or ySense comes into the picture.

I have also faced the same problem while in my career, After that I always think to do something as I don’t have that much of money to initiate a start-up, Then I will think to go for the clixsense survey system.

Those people who are right now facing the unemployment issue but have a mobile or laptop with him they have a very good opportunity to start filling a survey from ClixSense or ySense without investing a single amount.

Is ySense (Former ClixSense) Legit?

Yes, Ob-course, ClixSense or ySense is legit Since it has many trusted survey clients & the survey systems are genuine, And Especially after my long researched I don’t think that it’s not legal.

For the first time, most of you think that it is not possible? How they are giving? It’s not genuine like this many questions are overlapping in their mind.

But I have one question? Does it ask for money? NO, Then why you are thinking? Simply go for it try it in daily 2 hours & complete their survey if you will not get money then come back to me & comment below.

Lots of people will tell you lots of negative think about this but since clixSense does not ask for any money so every question will be valueless, Simply complete the survey of clixSense then get your real money for your work.

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How to Proceed For ClixSense Survey?

To proceed for the clixsense survey first and formal you have to register on their website from here.

Then you have to fill all your email id & password to join the program like shown below image:

clixsense how to register
clixsense how to register

Once you registered here you are done, Now only you have to visit the paid survey section to earn the money.

Since clixsense completely free online jobs no need to pay any money so you can go for it then after your registration you have to complete the short survey & complete your profile details to move for the paid survey.

How To Earn Money From ClixSense?

Post-registration from the clixsense survey website you need to go to the paid survey section where you find lots of paid survey & their price that how much amount you will get once you complete the survey.

Here I am going to show you some of my paid survey & how it will show on your clixsense panel: Refer below image

clixsense paid survey
clixsense paid survey

Once you clicked the paid survey you will find some of the paid clixsense survey over there which you need to complete to get the mentioned amount to your account. Here I am going to tell you the steps How you can see them.

Where is The Paid Survey From ClixSense?

As I discussed above you need to click on the paid survey button to get the paid survey which will help you to make free money from online.

Here I am going to show you the clixsense survey with the proof that how much you can earn from one survey if you complete. Refer to The image below.

Clixsense paid survey review
Clixsense paid survey review

Since I already completed my today survey so some of them are still left which I have shown yu in the above snapshot from clixsense account panel.

So as you can see the survey itself tells you how much amount clixsense will credit you if you complete the same survey as mentioned, Don’t wait for this simply complete the survey & grab the money.

Ways To Earn From ClixSense?

Basically there are multiple ways to earn from clixsense like you can earn from offers,tasks & surveys.


User has to complete some specific tasks as mentioned on the task section after loggin into your profile section of clixsense to get some amount which are completely free of cost, Only you have to give some time to complete the same.


Not only clixsense only giving you the surveys and task to earn money but also there are several things to earn money for free that is by completing offer provided by the ysense.

clixsense offer
clixsense offer


Since i already told you what is survey & How can you click & earn money by doing this from your home as its absolutely free online jobs without investing a single amount.

How To Get Maximum Surveys From ClixSense/Ysense

If you want to get the maximum survey on your panel then the trick is to visit thrice daily to your ysense panel & complete all the surveys listed there.

As soon as you complete the survey another survey will wait for you, So if you don’t have an income source & you have enough time to spend here, This is the best platform to showcase your talent by simply spending time will give you lots of dollars.

You can get a huge survey as much as you give them time to complete the survey from clixsense review.

Install the ClixAddon for your browser to get notified once any new survey is there.

How to Complete The Survey

To complete the survey from ysense you need to visit all the surveys listed on your paid survey panel one by one to finish it then you have come again and again to check if any other survey available.

If you see after completing some part of the survey that “You are not qualified for the survey”, Then don’t worried you can see this message in some time for some survey if the requirements do not belong to your provided details.

You can also see the daily survey routes mentioned just below your paid survey to complete it & earn some money from it.We believe its a best ysense survey review by us.

What is ClixSense Affiliate Program?

Another advantage of clixsense is that also you are getting money by completing all these tasks, offers & surveys again you can maximize your income if you share your affiliate id to another.

What is affiliate basically the referral program you can say if you refer some person to the clixsense survey review program then you can also earn some commission percentage if the referral user completes some of the surveys?

So I think its a very good platform where you get the free online jobs and free money for your daily expenditure & also if you be an affiliate & share your link to others then you can really earn a huge amount of money here.

You can find your affiliate commission details here on the account panel:

clixsense affiliate commission
clixsense affiliate commission

Since Affiliate will enhance your clixsense money so you have to think & share with them who really looking to earn some money through any social channel or any promotion which proof ysense survey review.

Its an very good lifetime offer from clixsense again since its giving 30% recurring commission for each individual you refer to them.

  1. SignUp Commision You will get instantly $0.10 to $0.30 depends upon on which country the user join. The countries are listed below where you can get a instant commision.
  2. If you are from Top Tier Countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.
  3. Then you will get a joining bonus which will credit to youwithin 10days periods.
  4. As soon as the user earned $5.00 then you will get a bonus of $3.00 to your account.
  5. For every approved Survey, Offer and Task your referrals complete you earn a whopping 20% commission of what they earn.

So this is the power of clixSense where you can earn a lot of money simply sitting at your home

How To Maximize Your Income

If you want to maximize your income then you have to daily join a person through your affiliate link by understanding them the whole process, How they income on daily basis without investing zero.

You can find your affiliate link from your account panel itself, Below are the steps to get the affiliate link:

  1. Login to your clixSense or ySense account.
  2. Then move on to the Homepage section.
  3. There you can find the affiliate link to share with your friends.
clixsense or ysense affiliate link
clixsense or ysense affiliate link

How To Withdraw Money From ClixSense

Before you want to withdraw the money from clixsense you have to remind that you must have a minimum of $10 in your Available Balance to place a withdrawal request.

Once you have $10 then only you are eligible to place a withdrawal request at clixSense, If you have the respective amount as I told you then you can click on the “Cashout” option which you can see on the above-attached picture.

Steps to Withdraw the Money:

  • Login to your clixsense or ysense account.
  • You can check if you have a $10 available balance in your account.
  • Then you can see the cashout option listed near the amount written in dollars.
  • Once you clicked on that cashout button you will be asked for the withdrawal account.
  • I prefer PayPal if you don’t have an account with PayPal go and create it.
  • Since PayPal is asking a minimum of $10 to withdraw.
  • Now choose any method then click on get reward within 7 working days you will receive your money to your PayPal mentioned bank account.

Withdrawal Methods to Use: Ysense survey review

  1. Payoneer
  2. Paypal
  3. Reward link
  4. Skrill
  5. Steam

By Using the above clixsense withdrawal method you can able to withdraw the money to your bank account, So if you dont have any account with any one of above listed kindly go to the respective website to create an account with them to receive the fund from ysense survey review.

ClixSense/ySense Withdrawal of Money method
ClixSense/ySense Withdrawal of Money method

ySense or ClixSense Survey Review By Some Users

Vikram: Clixsense is legit. I have been a member of the site for more than a year now, I have been paid many times. Well, for us Indians, the site is not a good place to earn money. Because it is hard for us to qualify for surveys. I have figured that maximum times surveys are targeted to rich and me.

Botad: Clixsense. Clixsense is genuinely paid to click website. Its website is simply working and any time work. Clixsense is the best site in PTC.

This site very interesting and gaming type website. We can Daily simply work in10th minutes and earn a thousand money. We can work on clixsense and earn money.

Rohit: Hi Friends. Let me tell you about Clixsense – One of the Online Earning Site. Currently, You will get Surveys, Tasks and Some Offers. Service & Support – There service is best as compared to other online earning sites. For any queries, you can visit their forum ysense survey review

Conclusion: Ysense Survey Review

I am 100% guarantee you that you can earn $1000 per month if you sincerely worked with clixsense or ySense for a period of 6months, Daily you need to refer one of your friends over here to maximize the profit.

So What you are waiting for Join Now to Earn Money For Free On ClixSense Which is completely free.

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