Windows 15 Release Date – Complete Features Leaked

Windows 15 Release Date, Windows 15 Download, When is Windows 15 Coming Out: Welcome guys today I gonna tell you the awesome OS from Microsoft recently leaked that is Windows 13, Peoples have been frantically sitting tight for this window after the last discharged from Microsoft which is windows 10.

Windows 10 is an extraordinary window having all the elements that a client constantly envisioned off. However, on the other hand, it’s about new windows and encountering its new highlights which is exceptionally expected that it will be windows 15.

Windows 15 is the Newly Designed & well organized & optimized version of Windows 10 So You can just imagine how it would be.

As We all know Computer is completely depends upon its hardware & software, Since Hardware we all know the internal things of the computer like that the software is the food to the computer you can say, If you gonna not fed your computer that how it can deliver you the data?

So Here OS comes into the picture, OS or Operating system is the Food to the Computer, There are multiple number of OS which was developed by Microsoft one of the big giants of the Software industry.

Many of the OS is Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Media Center, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10,Windows 12. Source

Recently as per news from Microsoft its believe that Windows 15 will be released soon by 2026.

Now-Again Microsoft Going to release Windows 15 by leaving Windows 11, This is not the first time fr Microsoft, However, Microsoft already released Windows 10 without releasing windows 9 before so that not be a surprising thing I thought.

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Windows 15 Release Date & Features, Optimization

Since Microsoft Directly jump to Windows 15 there might be some reason behind this as I discovered Microsoft planning to release the new Features or Era that the VR era which will really amazing & change the world of computing.

Microsoft has already stopped the service for windows 7 as it declared officially now only its give support for Windows 10, Also we people get a security patch & great updates for the Windows 10 latest.

Now MS plans to directly move to Windows 15 Some of the best features that we found on our research as specified below.

Windows 15 Release Date
Windows 15 Release Date

Highlighted Features of Windows 15

1. Windows 15 comes with an optimized version of the OS with high security & privacy.

2. In this version Microsoft completely focussed on VR means Virtual reality, Which is Awesome.

3. It has a user-friendly experience & without refresh option just like MAC OS.

4. Some of the times we all face some Hangup issues in windows 10 Hope this will get fixed in this version.

5. Windows 10 the major issue to open an image viewer which will take little time to open But the windows 12 will open at a click.

6. The extremely Next component which we all frantically need is to record screen, Although we have not yet observed any worked in screen recorders in windows yet we can expect a screen recorder in Windows 12.

7. Maybe this time Microsoft planning to install an inbuilt high secure antivirus which will prevent all types of threats or security breaches, Previously it was windows defender but hope this time with a major change.

8. In this version, Microsoft will try to increase the performance by reducing the auto clear memory management facility.

9. The biggest issue of Windows 10 is the slowness while you opened it for the first time, In that area also Microsoft will plan to optimize.

10. You can expect a faster browsing experience in windows 12 as compared to windows 10.

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Windows 15 Release Date

From the very beginning, most of the people are searching for it that when is Windows 12 coming out? Sounds good since everybody is eager for it.

As per Microsoft official notice, It does not provide the exact windows12 release date but no doubt it will release in 2020 as per the leaked notice.

Once Windows 15 will release Microsoft will going to close the support for windows 10 expected but not sure.

Anyway Everybody can expect the NEW OS by 2022 which will really change the world computing Since most of the people prefer to go for a mac book for the slowness & lazy ness of windows operating system.

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Why Microsoft Planning For Windows 15

Since a long-time Windows 10 was launched after this official it was declared that no further version will be released, Whatever the changed that would be done that will be the windows 10 only.

Microsoft will give long haul support for Windows 10. The Company will add all the new highlights to Windows 10 itself.

After the release of Windows 10 there are several bugs already came which was solved by their dedicated Microsoft developers which are projected for the application.

No doubt till now they have done an emerging change to it by fixing many bugs raised by the users who are using their system from time to time.

Finally, now they are planning for the New Version since they are directly deploying the changes to the user’s OS by introducing several patches to the security.

Windows 15 Download
Windows 15 Download

Latest Updates By Microsoft

Microsoft as of late reported that it will stop all the help for windows 7, 10 years old working framework. This persuades it will put more concentrate on current form i.e Windows 10. Backing for Windows 7 will quit Jan 22, 2022. Time to overhaul 10 Windows 10.

This August Microsoft cautioned Windows clients to refresh Operating System as a result of two basic vulnerabilities that programmers may misuse. “There are possibly a huge number of powerless PCs,” said Simon Pope, Microsoft’s chief of Incident Response.

Try not to disregard windows updates. I realize Windows refreshes are irritating however you should know the motivation behind it. This must be in need before programmers get into your framework.

The organization disclosed to us that they have various designs for future Windows discharges. Its been four long years. Be that as it may, Microsoft is quiet about it’s future Windows Update. Starting at now,

they advised that they need to make Windows 10 increasingly steady and verify. they are going to add all the new highlights to Windows 10 future rollouts.

As of late there was some report about Windows Core OS which is a center and lightweight variant of Windows. upon that other working frameworks are worked for explicit gadgets types.

This resembles a cool plan to me. As you most likely are aware for Windows 10 April Update they are going to stop the administrations so ensure you update before the finish of this November.

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Windows 15 Download

Hi guys are you looking for Windows 15 ISO file Here it is the best platform where you can get the link or guide for the link from which you can easily download the complete Windows 15 ISO file,

windows 15 download link
windows 15 download link

Since the file was not released by Microsoft to download that’s why the reason right now we don’t have the Windows 15 download link here, But It will update over here once Microsoft officially released the Windows 15 Download file or ISO file.

If you guys want more Tricks Then you can always visit our website.

Advantage of Windows 15

There are lots of merits of the OS since it is the new one which all people are looking a lot.

1. Maximize the Performance speed by minimizing the memory usages.

2. One-Click Solution to all te previous operating system,

3. Instant start without loading the damn slow logo at the beginning.

4. Instant shut down as you clicked the button itself.

5. OS without the Refresh rate, Since it is having the auto-refresh features inbuilt.

6. Inbuild Virtual reality features included the Windows 12 itself.

7. High-Security patches & Inbuilt inform notified if any security breach by any third-party application.

8. Default & pre-install Antivirus with high-security features.

9. User-friendly experience with Retina eye face detection system.

10. Unlock the device if your phone is nearby.

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Qn-1: Is it the Best Version of Windows?

I trust that the following windows will be without the swell they keep us clients spend long time evacuating. A perfect OS without anything other than a program (effectively removable) to get the program of the client’s decision and that all the spam that is remembered for Windows not to be expelled by clients is something that the client can introduce or forget about as indicated by clients wishes and not to Microsoft.

Qn-2: Really The Windows 15 will come?

We are also not sure about it neither guarantee for it , But whatever the data we provide above that is for the assumption purpose only.

Qn-3: When we can expect the Windows 15 Release date?

It should be expected by this year but not sure. Hope so.

Qn-4: What about Windows 11?

We can assume that just like Microsoft skip Windows 9 like that it will skip Windows 11 too. But we are not committing this its completely depends upon by Microsoft.

Qn-5: Is windows 10 Support will close after releasing Windows 15?

No doubt for this, Why because if they are going to introduced a newer version than the current one then ob-course yes they will remove the support for windows 10, but officially it was declared that Now they are only working for windows 10 to secure it as much as they can.

Qn-6: Is it a fake rumor that Windows 15 will release?

Maybe, But we are not sure we can only predict that they will release the same by 2023 else you know the company policy they can change it at any time.


Listen, buddy, what i have written on the above as per my research to give you better information, Maybe the above details provided for windows 15 release date may be fake i am not sure but since there is a rumor might be,

But we cat guarantee till that Microsoft would not declare that they are going to release the new OS by 2026 which windows 10 replaced by windows 15.

We only have to predict something but still, we are not the authorized person from company behalf to declare the release date,

As per our prediction and assumption, we are thinking that they will soon release a newer version of windows that is windows 15 Release Date Guide to competing with the Mac OS.

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