1and1 Webmail Complete Setup Guide(2024)

1and1 Webmail: 1&1 Ionos is the number one web hosting company of Germany which was founded in 1988, now running by United Internet and provides many more services like Hosting, Cloud Server, SSL certificates, Email Services, Dedicated Hosting, Domain Registration and many more.

Achim Weiss is the current ongoing CEO of the organization from 2018 onwards having its headquarters at Montabaur, Germany with a revenue of 13.5 Crores USD. It is operating in 40 countries with a customer land of 8 million.

It has multiple data centers with 90K of data servers to provide a flexible and convenient hosting service to its favorable users. It has a strength of 2K employe worldwide to support its customers.

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Company Name1and1 Ionos
CEOAchim Weiss

1and1 Webmail History

The company is having a giant the data center based in North America with a larger number of data servers. In 2018 the 1and1 merged with another company profit brick owned by Achim Weiss to rename the company to 1&1 ionos.

CEO argued about the renaming of the company to give priority to the brand name as ionos and we add this because the ionosphere is the upper part of the earth’s atmosphere which contains high concentrations. After this, in 2019 it made a record by placing its position as second in hosting provider globally.

1and1 Webmail Registration

In order to proceed with the registration with 1and1 webmail you should follow the steps described below.

  • Open the official genuine site of 1nd1 Webmail ionos.com
  • Then click on the Email and Office menu option as showing below.
1and1 Webmail Registration
  • Once you clicked on the option one dropdown will open
  • Now click on the email registration option as shown in below image
1and1 Webmail Registration step 2
  • Now scroll down on the next page come to the email plan section to choose one plan to create the webmail account.
  • There are two plans with 3 options each with different price.
  • One plan is ionos email with 3 options in total first one is Mail basic 1 and the second one is mail basic 1+ and the last one is mail business, below is the plan details
1and1 Webmail Registration Plans
  • Another plan name is email and office which have 3 options one is Microsoft excgange 2019 and second one is microsoft 365 basic business and the last one is microsoft 365 business standard.
1and1 Webmail Registration Microsoft Plans
  • Now choose your plan as per your choice
  • Then click on continue and fill your details for signup
  • make the payment as per your plan
  • Now you are done

1and1 Webmail login email

If you want to login to the 1nd1 webmail then you need to

  • open the ionos.com or 1nd1.com then simply click on the login menu on the top.
  • Then fill your email id and password which you have created earlier during the registration.
1and1 Webmail login email
  • Once you filled all details now click on signin to enter webmail.

1and1 Webmail Control Panel

The control panel provided by 1&1 webmail is very user friendly and legitimate to use, All the option for the webmail are very clear and present on the menubar for better use.

If you are newer to the control panel and you don’t know how to use them then also there are a overview demo builtin so that a new user can easily going through to see how to use such option.

Even you can see on this youtube video that how you can enable and disable each option but note that this required a login post login to the panel only you are able to use such options.

1and1 Webmail Contact Number

Ionos also provide a real-time 24/7 customer service to their customers to serve you better, If you are facing any type of issue in the interim you can contact them to fix such a problem.

As of now chat support and call support is there to connect their support system, If you want to talk to their expert about an issue you can call them using the 1-484-254-5555 number.

If you want to visit their website section to connect them then here are the step to follow:

  • Open the website on your browser
  • Move to the contact section of ionos
  • Now you can see their telephone number on this contact page
  • dial the number from your phone to connect them
1and1 webmail contact number

1and1 Webmail App

This company also have their original app to access its service through the various app among them two most popular app are android and ios app. If you are looking for the app here you can get the same by clicking on their link to download it.

These links belong to their respective android play store market and apple store so these are trusted and genuine.

  • Andoid App Link to download
  • Ios App Link to download
1and1 webmail app

For the app, we can see people have given 4.5 stars rating out of 5 which means this app is also exciting and working perfectly so if you don’t have a laptop with you and you are traveling then also you can use their app to access their webmail service from anywhere.

1and1 Webmail Smtp Settings

The 1nd1 smtp settings or 1&1 webmail SMTP are quite simple and easy, if you are looking for the setting for which you can setup your smtp so that you can send or receive the email from your customer then you need to use the below setting so that you will be done.

you need to setting the incoming mail and outgoing mail to make it work perfectly, the important thing is to loot up is that the server name and the port name kindly see it on your server client section which to use. Below are the general setting for the 1and1 webmail

Incoming Email Settings(IMAP):

Server Nameimap.1and1.com

Incoming Email Settings(POPS):

Server Namepop.1and1.com

Outgoing Email Settings(SMTP)

Server Namesmtp.1and1.com

1and1 Webmail Change Password

If you want to change your password then you must follow the simple steps to make your changes, Here are the complete steps you need to follow to the immediate effect of the password.

  • Login to your webmail account
  • Now you are inside control panel
  • Now click on the profile section
  • Click on change password
  • give your old password
  • now fill two times your new password
  • click on save
  • you are done

1and1 Webmail Forgot Password

If you forgot your password then you need to get a new one but to achieve this you need to be ready with your new password and you must aware of the customer id or email address to make the difference.

  • Open the website click on the login section
  • Now you see below on other login webmail is there
  • click on the webmail login
  • now click on the reset password option from there
1and1 webmail forgot password
  • Now it will show you the password can only be change using its INOS CUSTOMER ACCOUNT
  • So now move to the account forget password sectio
  • Give your customer id
  • click on request new password button to change
1and1 webmail forget password

1and1 Webmail Backup

To backup the webmail you need to download or save it to your PC using one option here you follow the steps.

  • Open the webmail post login to its control panel dashboard
  • Now choose your selective email for which you want the backup
  • Now click on the 3bar right side button then choose save as file
  • This will download one zip file with all your emails
  • Note that this woill save you file always with a name of files.zip. if you want to rename you can rename it while downloading
1and1 webmail backup

1and1 Webmail Outlook Settings

You need to follow the SMTP setting with authentication as described above to facilitate the incoming and outgoing email for outlook.

  • Open your outlook app
  • Move to smtp setting
  • follow the smtp settion section server name,email,port,
  • then save and authenticate

1and1 Webmail Iphone Setup

If you have an iPhone and you want to setup the webmail on your phone then follow the below steps to sync your emails to the server.

  • Open the iphone lock
  • go to iphone Setting logo
  • Now click on the Mail option
  • then tap on Accounts
  • Now click on Add Account
  • Choose other to fill your server details IMAP/POP
  • write your name, email, password and description
  • Then need to setup the incoming mail server detailswhich you will find on the above smtp section
  • then fill the outgoing mail server details then click on save
1and1 webmail iphone setup

1and1 Webmail Blacklist

Now spamming is increased as compared to previous time, If you are getting spam email frequently to your webmail server then you can mark them in blacklist to prevent such mails.

If you blocked the send then you are not able to receive any mail from them from now onwards so be check twice before you block any email.

  • Login to webmail
  • Then click on the setting menu which is present on ythe top menu bar
  • Then go to mail section
  • now click on the Anti Spam option
  • Then choose Personal Lists
  • Now click Blocked Senders click show
  • Now add email id to the block list
1and1 Webmail Blacklist

1and1 Webmail Browser

You can access email in multiple browsers irrespective of any settings , we always recommend to use it on Google chrome, Although there are lots of web browsers that are available in the market to use this service you can choose one of the below.

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

1and1 Webmail Clients

There are lots of clients are there by using which you can connect to the 1&1 webmail server and use the send email and fetch email things these are specified below.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Inbox by Gmail
  • Apple Mail
  • eM Client
  • Mailbirld
  • Spike
  • Windows Live mail
  • Spark

1and1 Webmail Business

For business purpose you can use 1and1 webmail as by using this you can reframe and restructure your business needs even you can create specific mail id for your specific employee. So its too easier to maintain the email records and check their stability and memory usage at any time.

By using this webmail business you are authorize to to do certain things like add/edit/dele and resetiing of one email passord.

1and1 Webmail Admin

Admin has the privilege to login and to add and delete user rights, So admin will be the top most priority while opening an webmail inside ionos. Basically the admin email belongs to the organization head so that they can add/delete the required mails as per their convenient.

Since admin has all the privilege you can not access unthorized things inside your account without a authentic permission from the admin.


1and1 webmail not working?

Ans: need to check with tye ionos customer support to fix this issue.

how to export emails from 1and1 webmail?

Ans: need to login to your webmail then move to right 3 bar icon the click save as file.

1and1 webmail how to change spam setting?

Ans: you need to click on the mail >>anti spam>>personal list>>Show to check the same

1and1 webmail how to add to whitelist?

Ans: need to visit the black list section inside mail then there itself you can see option whitelist.

1and1 webmail phone number?

Ans: 1and1 phone number is 1-484-254-5555

1and1 webmail out of office?

Ans: yes you can access out of office by using an email client.

1&1 webmail login problems?

Ans: if you are facing any login issue while logging in then you should reset your password to get a new one.

1&1 webmail konto löschen?

Ans: If you want to delete an email account vising account panel>>email id >>section symbol>>delete to proceed deletion.

1&1 webmail absender blockieren?

Ans: To block a sender you need to check mail >>anti spam>>personal list>>Show .

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