Unlocking the NFL's Best-Kept Secrets: 8 Mind-Blowing Facts


The First NFL Game

The first-ever NFL game was played in 1920, but it took place on a field that is now a car dealership.

Unbeatable Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice, a legendary wide receiver, holds over 100 NFL records, including the most touchdowns in a career (208).

Football in Zero Gravity

In 1973, NASA astronauts played a game of football in space during Skylab 4.

The Shortest NFL Career:

 Stefan Logan's NFL career lasted just one play, and he returned a kickoff for 34 yards.

Green Bay's Unique Ownership:

The Green Bay Packers are the only NFL team owned by the fans.

The NFL's Youngest Coach:

Sean McVay became the youngest head coach in NFL history at 30 years old.

The Most Fumbles:

Brett Favre, despite his legendary career, also holds the record for the most fumbles (166).

Image Credit: Wiki

The Longest Field Goal:

Matt Prater holds the record for the longest field goal, an incredible 64 yards.

Image Credit: Wiki